Rio Grande Valley Down Syndrome Association
Z-Man - Captain: Hannah Yeaney
Thank you for joining the 2019 Funky Sock Walk!
Hi, my name is Zachary and I am a seven year old boy. I LOVE playing basketball, music, transportation, BOATS and being silly. I am in 1st grade and just started a new school. It has taken some adjustment since change can be difficult for me, but I am starting to love it. I love to dance and move it move it. My new favorite song it Banana Banana Meatball.I work really hard on things and practice a long time to do what some of you find easy, but I am stubborn and keep trying until I succeed. I also love my dog Scrappy, my daddy, and my mommy. This year I had a big change in my life and got a new sister. At first I wasn't too good, but now I am a very protective brother. I am more like all of you than you know. My speech is delayed and this frustrates me, so you might see me cry or tell you I'm mad, but don't worry I am learning with my signs and voice to communicate better. When you are not sure how to communicate with me just smile and tell me hi. I love to greet people and tell them how old I am and my name.
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